Beyond the Sea promotes aromatherapy as the use of
essential oils to improve the quality of living at three levels:

1. physical    2. emotional   3. spiritual

Essential oils are extracted from botanicals via steam distillation.
They are part of the plant's immune system, called the "Life Force of the Plant." The essences are natural, so they work in harmony with the body. Essential oils are highly concentrated and contain hormones, vitamins, and antiseptics which are 75-100 times more concentrated than dried herbs. All contribute to our health by preventing and combating infection, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, and promoting rejuvenation.

Essential oils perform their healthy work both topically and internally. Our skin absorbs them for deep cleansing, nourishing, rejuvenating, and antiseptic benefits. Essential oils also diffuse into the air providing purifying, refreshing, calming, and stimulating benefits.

Aromatherapy supports wellness by providing numerous ways to improve personal well-being with safe natural ingredients that offer no harmful side effects. Be adventurous and start acquiring essential oils even if you lack familiarity with them. Botanical oils, like herbs, teach us what we need to know as we use them. Start today by incorporating aromatherapy into your every day life and the wonders of essential oils will follow!

Beyond the Sea is committed to helping you improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being with our natural health care products. We offer high quality alternatives to commercial body products. Our products include organic and wild-crafted herbs and special blends created to repair and nourish your body and spirit.